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Anti-theft by aggression, VolBloc is simple to use after downloading the application! ...


* An automatic mode of use, and a simple parameter.

Simply set the area where the vehicle is, when the vehicle leaves this area an alert will be sent to you in LBS on your smartphone, when the vehicle returns in this area you will receive an alert in LSB of its monitoring support, at all times you can visualize where the vehicle is and follow it on Google via the app. It is possible to create multiple zones.
When your vehicle is stolen and leaves this area you will be alerted, it will be enough for you by a click on your smartphone to trigger the breakdown of the vehicle until its total stop, so that it is abandoned by the thief; you only have to look at the position of the vehicle on the application to get it back.
(Do not forget to report the flight to the appropriate service).

* Enable or disable Volbloc

Another function is possible by activating or deactivating the vibration mode. If your vehicle is loaded it will be monitored by this function, a shock, a move, a lift, you will be informed by LBS alert on your smartphone.

* VolBloc remains discreet for the revision manufacturer, nothing to do.