Avoided The Unpleasantness Of A Vehicle Theft! ..

Avoided the inconvenience of a theft

Theft Protection Anti Theft Alarm

The worst case scenario: you are not reimbursed. Indeed some contracts do not cover car-Jacking and home-jacking and the absence of a break-in is a refusal of compensation. In the best case you will still have to bear the cost of the franchise and the financial loss, with the risk of your insurer canceling your contract following the theft (risk all the more important if you have recently declared a precedent disaster).

With VolBloc An Alarm That Monitors Your Vehicle 100% on the LBS network.



Stop the Vehicle Flight

VolBloc Is An Anti-Theft Device With Redoubtable Efficiency

VolBloc Protection Against Vehicle Theft Via Your Smartphone With One Click!..

It preserves and monitors your vehicle, your work tool.
Our VolBloc solution does not prevent the theft of your vehicle! but after the theft of your vehicle, with one click on your smartphone via the application it is blocked by a failure and give up by the thief! ...