VolBloc, Vehicle Alarm on Smartphone
"VolBloc stop your vehicle after receiving an alert on your smartphone about the theft of it
and triggering a breakdown with a click! ..."

Anti-theft alarm 

VolBloc one-click control technology! .. which stops your vehicle.
Stop your vehicle after receiving an alert (LBS) on your smartphone of the flight of it by triggering a click of a failure, the vehicle will be abandoned, and located immediately! ...

We developed this product VolBloc appointed following the theft of the car of one of our employees who received compensation from his insurance in the fifth month of the date of flight with a strong surprise discount off the Argus! Yes 19 weeks without vehicle! VolBloc stops the vehicle with a click on your smartphone determines its position with other functions.

Volbloc is a protection that comes right after theft of your vehicle, it is the only car security technology that installs in minutes. The new-tech nature of the activity allows to preserve the confidentiality necessary for a total efficiency, and a very simple assembly. All the stolen vehicles are found abandoned within a short range of 1000 to 2500m around the place of the flight.

VolBloc An Alarm That Monitors Your Vehicle 100% on the LBS network.