VolBloc mounting

Mounting VolBloc

Anti-theft alarm VolBloc Stops and locates your vehicle from a smartphone, simplicity and efficiency! ...

* Connect a + (permanent)
and a -.

* Connect the plug to the fuse of the pump and electric fuel.

* No topping

* 100% self-connectable connection (plug & play)

* VolBloc preserves the vehicle manufacturer's warranty.

* VolBloc is totally invisible, silent and without subscription with internal battery.

* VolBloc uses a Nano-SIM card. (SMS card 2 € / month unlimited) for SMS mode and uses the network LBS interlockable.

* VolBloc uses the GPS network

* VolBloc uses the LBS network
 that can not be scrambled.

* Assembly on car, motorcycle, truck, tractor, construction machine, marine boat, motorhome, ...